Hail the New Off-road King

Winner of Peterson’s 4-wheel and off-road magazine coveted 4X4 of the year award for 2010, this rugged, exceed-your-expectations machine delivers more than the average driver bargained for. Rugged yet handsome in its presence on the road (and off the road), this vehicle is sure to please everyone from the most cynical of critics to the most discriminating drivers.

Earmarked with the sturdiest and strongest frame body of any full-size pickup in its class, this very capable vehicle can handle most anything you can throw at it. Able to tow a heavier load than its competitors, able to handle off road conditions with ease, this powerful truck will surely accomplish all that you need and more than you might imagine in her gentle yet heavy duty workhorse feel.

The capabilities and durability of the Ford F150 truck series are well established in the public mind’s eye. The Ford Raptor F-150 encompasses all the trademark features of the F150 model and even does it one better. This pickup goes above and beyond and over the top in responsive, off road capable performance and handling. Thanks in no small part to its production vehicle, internal triple bypass shocks which provide for a 7 inch wider track, the Raptor F-150 is coupled with a 16 valve 6.2 liter SOHC V8 powerhouse with 411 horsepower which performs at 434 lb.-ft. of torque making for a truly awesome experience behind the wheel.

Providing a comfortable interior with unexpected amenities not usually found in your ordinary pickup, including everything from the leather seat inserts to its back-up camera, the Ford Raptor 150 has a quality all her own. Establishing a rugged sex appeal, sporting an interior with an elegant touch and a very smooth ride, from the onset, the Ford Raptor 150 confidently projects itself as powerful yet streamlined and refined.

Not just down the highway, but off road as well, the Ford 150 Raptor doesn’t even break a sweat as it muscles through tough, rocky and pitted terrain – the kind that would tear up the body and shocks of any ordinary pickup. Accomplishing a smooth ride off road is no easy feat for some, but the enthusiasm and pride that exudes through from Ford’s multi-talented engineers comes across in the quality of their craftsmanship that will fill you with pride as you drive down the road… or path. Displaying the type of truck they would design for themselves, the engineers definitely had fun designing and building this evolution of the Ford F150! Ford has really outdone itself in producing a machine with a very masculine presence with a polished image through and through. The Ford F150 with the Raptor package is truly a legend in the making! This is a truck that will leave you happy with a feeling of satisfaction as you exit the cabin following any task you need accomplished, or by simply returning from a jaunt around town.